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About The Puzzle Place
The Puzzle Place Foundation mission is for all individuals within the autism spectrum be provided a lifetime network of opportunities to become fully accepted, included, and active participant members of our community, through family support, education, advocacy, and public awareness.

The Puzzle Place Foundation was founded in 2004 by parents for parents. We are here to better assist families of children and adults with autism in the South Florida area.

The Puzzle Place Foundation is a nonprofit organization, which encourages the aid of volunteers. A majority of the volunteers are parents and/or siblings that understand what it is like to live with autism on a daily basis. No one knows all of the answers and most of us are continually learning with the help of professionals in the field.

The Puzzle Place Foundation is funded through fundraising events such as private donations, grants, ticket sales to special events, social activities, walks, and so forth.

The Puzzle Place Foundation goals are to help support all types of enrichments, provide parents and sibling with stress relief, create interactive mainstream social events, public awareness, support of advocates, develop autistic descendant support.

We do not endorse or dismiss any specific treatment, professional, and/or services. We are a source of information and support to families of children and adults with autism. We offer social opportunities for individuals with autism to be included in the community. We believe that all children with autism are their own unique person and should be treated as such.

The Puzzle Place Foundation is a not for profit organization Tax ID# 30-0263832.

Board of Directors

President: Ellen B.Blackburn 
VP: Kristin Campbell 
Secretary: Terri Kring 
Treasurer: Cleo Demma

Board Members
Susan K. Goldstein -State Rep
Elise Farrell
Mark Demma 
Sonia Sidran
Phil Picard
Marlene Marin
Brenda Snelgrove
Ella Assuncao
Kim Bolton
Wendy Abramson
Amy Gregory
Ena Morrison
Brian Bohne
Claudia Burgher


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